SEGL Champions League


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Official EGCA competitions are:

- SEGL - Champions League

- SEGL - Womens Champions League

- SEGL - Youth League

- European Grand Prix

- European Super Cup


Only clubs, teams and players registered on the EGCA portal will be validated using an electronic form.

European clubs that register and register their teams within the defined deadlines can participate in EGCA competitions.


A club can register up to 4 teams in its registration:

- A Men's Elite Team (SEGL)

- A Women's Elite Team (SEWGL)

- A secondary team (GP)

- A Youth Team (U-23)

The SEGL team will participate in the SEGL - Champions League, the SEWGL team will participate in the SEGL - Womens Champions League, the GP and U-23 teams will participate in the European Grand Prix as a qualification for the final round of the GP and SEGL - Youth League.

The SEGL team can participate in the Grand Prix stages as guests.


A player can only represent a club during the sports season;

Due to the accomplishment of several stages, each club can register a maximum of 10 players in its Elite Male team, including 2 foreign;

Each club can register 6 players in its Elite Women's team, including 2 foreign players from countries qualified for Paralympic games, 1 foreign player from a country not qualified for Paralympic games;

Each club can register 8 players in its Secondary team, including 2 foreign player; In this team, athletes registered in the elite male and female teams cannot play.

Each club can register 8 players on its U-23 team, including 2 foreign player.

Due to the difficulty of classification verified, clubs can register unrated players who compete in official competitions in their countries through the respective federation.

Players must be registered electronically with the full name, ID number, country of birth, date of birth and visual classification

In the U-23 team, it is mandatory to send a photo of the identification document containing the name and date of birth;

A club can add players up to the maximum limit and within the defined deadlines and through the electronic form;


- A player is a foreign player, if one of following parameters is actualized:

A. A player is not an official member of the club;

B. A player doesn’t participate actively in weekly trainings of the club;

C. A player doesn’t play for the club in national league or national championships.

- These parameters are not concerning about players, who come from the same country than the club.


Only 6 players duly registered in the team can be registered on the game sheet.

6.1 Qualification Stages SEGL-Champions League, 6 players registered with the club can be registered in each stage of division; players registered in the GP Team cannot be registered.

6.2 Final stages of the SEGL - Champions League, 6 players registered with the club and 2 U-23 players can be registered; U-23 players will not be able to exceed the limitation of foreigners and players without visual classification of the club in the stage; in each game a club can only enroll 6 players; Players registered in the GP team cannot be registered.

6.3 Steps in the Grand Prix, players can only play for the team where they were registered


EGCA must verify the compliance with the rules in the electronic registration carried out by each team, publishing on the official website the list of registered clubs, teams and players.

If there is any irregularity, EGCA must inform the club to correct it within the official deadline, if the irregularity is verified on the last day of the deadline, the club will have 24 hours after sending the notification to the official email indicated by the club.

In the competition, it is the responsibility of the chief referee and the EGCA delegate to verify the identity of the athletes.


A club can register a maximum of 3 members in the technical team per stage.

A member of a club's technical team cannot represent another club at the same stage (qualification and final stage).

If a member of the coaching staff changes clubs, they cannot represent the starting club during the season

If a club has the main coach in 2 teams in a final stage, the games of those teams must be separated with at least 30 minutes between the end and the beginning of the games.