SEGL - Champions League 2021


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Division Stages are cancelled, the European Champion of Clubs will settled in one major tournament

European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) is sorrowful to inform that due the current situation in Europe with the Covid-19 pandemic we are forced to cancel following tournaments on SEGL - Champions League 2021 season:

- SEGL South 2021 Stage: 17th - 20th June 2021, Prague, Czech Republic;

- SEGL North 2021 Stage: 24th - 27th June 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania.

There are many serious reasons which have forced us to make this frustrating, but finally the only necessary decision. Most of the goalball clubs around Europe haven't a chance to practice or compete together at the moment or won't even during this spring, so they won't have time to prepare for the important qualification competition on June.

Many countries have and will have very heavy restrictions for travelling to pretent the spreading of new variants of the corona virus, so the clubs won't be able to travel without the unconscionable sacrifices.

Our aim is to organize safe, happy and high quality competitions for the clubs, but at the moment athletes and clubs around Europe are in unequal situation and this won't be changed quickly, because vaccinations have started quite slowly in many European countries after all. There is also very big risk that many clubs would cancel their participation in the last minute before the tournament in the face of coersion and this would lead the organizer to the big financial problems, so we have to also protect our organizers.

We cross now our fingers and put our trust, that we can organize one major tournament for the SEGL - Champions League on season 2021. The stage will be held in Portugal on 29th September - 3rd October 2021 at the same time with the SEGL- Women's Champions League 2021 tournament (more information will be updated during this week). All the clubs which have registered for the SEGL North and South divisions for this season will be invited soon to the SEGL - Champions League 2021 Stage in Portugal which is hosted by the current champion of the league Sporting CP.

The clubs will be asked for to confirm their participation to the tournament not later than 30th June 2021. If there are still some free spots in the tournament after 30th June we will open a registration for additional clubs; the registration will run till 31st July 2021.